Favorite Kids Recipes
English Muffins with Pear Peanut Butter
Indoor S'Mores
Coconut-Pear Bars
Chocolate Pear Party Dip
PB & Pear Waffle Tacos
Pear Ice Cream Sandwiches
Pear Roll-Ups
Pear Yogurt Pops
Pacific Northwest Pitas
Pear Quesadillas

Fun & Games!
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Peary Winkle Coloring Page
NEW! Word Blanks
NEW! Scramble Code
Can Do Word Search
Flying Kites Coloring Page
Pear Harvest Maze
Super Pear Coloring Page
Tour de Pears Coloring Page
Tour de Pears Puzzle Key
Washington & Oregon Quiz

Growing Tastebuds
At every meal, kids are developing grown up tastes. Satisfy their preference for familiar foods and meet your family's flavor and nutrition needs with one of our FAMILY-SIZE Recipe Ideas.

Creative Snacking

Pear Octopus Video

In addition to being a great tasting snack, canned pears can be an artful addition to your playtime tool kit. Take a look at our video to see how you can make a fanciful octopus from canned pears and other ready-to-use edibles. It’s fun to make and fun to eat!

Pear Fun Fact for the Kid in All of Us

Super Pear
Bartlett pear trees bear fruit for as long as 100 years, making them older than your average superhero. Like superheroes, pears hang cool (they grow in temperate climates) and are totally popular (humans have enjoyed pears throughout history).